MacBean Tartan

The MacBean Clan, closely connected to Clan MacBain, has a remarkable history. Their story reveals a fascinating blend of medicine, honor, and their association with the esteemed Clan Donald. The name 'Macbheathain,' rooted in Gaelic, signifies "son of life" and represents a lineage of respected doctors. These skilled healers faithfully served Clan Donald, earning admiration and renown. Over time, the names MacBain and MacBean have become intertwined due to variations in spelling, pronunciation, and the impact of Anglicisation. This fusion created an unbreakable bond, uniting them as a single clan. They proudly carry forward their legacy, weaving together their collective histories. Their Clan's motto, "Touch not a catt bot a targe," holds deep significance. It symbolizes their unwavering commitment to ancestral values and the preservation of proud traditions. The motto advocates defense and protection, emphasizing the use of a shield rather than a sword. This mindset reflects their steadfast dedication to embodying fortitude, resilience, and safeguarding their clansmen, always placing them at the forefront of their pursuits.
This tartan is composed of a harmonious blend of red, green, blue, black, white, and purple. The fiery red symbolizes courage and passion, while the lush green represents the fertile landscapes that have sustained the clans for generations. Blue, reminiscent of the sweeping skies, portrays loyalty and steadfastness, while black adds an air of mystique and power. The purity of white signifies honor and integrity, while purple, the color of royalty, embodies the noble lineage of them.
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