MacAlister Tartan

The Scottish Clan MacAlister is a sub cast of Clan Donald. The clan is the ancient part that had parted ways with Clan Donald and had made a descent claim from Alasdair Mòr, son of Domhnall who founded the Clan Donald. From Alasdair Mòr the clans adopts its surname MacAlister which is an Anglicisation of the Gaelic MacAlasdair that stands for "son of Alasdair". The problem is, there are two candidates for which Alasdair it was and both left behind many male heirs. The person most often described as progenitor to the clan is Alasdair Mor but we can't be sure. The available colors in MacAlister tartan are red, forest green, royal blue, light green, blue and white. We offer a wide range of MacAlister tartan clothes both in pure and fine wool and acrylic substance. The Highland clothes, gift items and accessories for men, women, boys and girls are on offer and you can choose from our given list whatever attracts you. Just keep in mind that our prices are competitive and our global shipments are fastest.