Macalister Ancient Tartan

The MacAlisters are a prominent clan within the larger Clan Donald, tracing their ancestry back to Alister, a descendant of the legendary Somerled in the Isles. They initially resided in Kintyre during the 14th century, and later expanded their presence throughout Bute and Arran. In fact, Charles MacAlister held the esteemed position of Steward of Kintyre in 1481. One notable member of the MacAlister clan was John MacAlister, known as "John from the Loup," whose descendants would go on to form the primary family branch. Another branch emerged in the 16th century, known as the Tarbet MacAlisters, who eventually became the Constables of Tarbet Castle. Their badge is the Heath, and their ancient tartan is characterized by bold shades of red, forest green, light green, purple, and white. We pride ourselves on paying close attention to even the most intricate details, ensuring that each piece we create reflects the refined style of the MacAlister family.
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