Macalister Ancient Tartan

The MacAlisters have a long and distinguished history as a prominent branch of Clan Donald. They can trace their ancestry back to Alister, a direct descendant of the legendary Somerled of the Isles, and were established in Kintyre during the 14th century. The MacAlisters expanded their presence throughout Bute and Arran and held esteemed positions such as Steward of Kintyre, as exemplified by Charles MacAlister in 1481. John MacAlister, known as "John from the Loup," was a notable member whose descendants formed the primary family branch. Another branch emerged in the 16th century, the Tarbet MacAlisters, who became the Constables of Tarbet Castle. The MacAlister family is known for their refined style, paying attention to even the most intricate details in each piece they create.
it features a striking color scheme of orange, red, green, and white. The bold pattern of this tartan is characterized by wide blocks of color intersected by thin white lines. The use of earthy tones like orange and green are reminiscent of the Scottish countryside and the red adds a touch of vibrancy. The white stripes create a sense of balance and contrast, tying the design together. The Macalister Ancient Tartan is a reflection of the MacAlister clan's rich history and cultural heritage.
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