Lumsden Ancient Tartan

The Manor of Lumsdene was initially mentioned in 1098. Edgar King of Scots and his parents Malcolm III and Margaret established the Coldingham Priory within the County of Berwick and entrusted it with the towns comprising Coldingham, Lumsdene, Renton, and Swinewood. The first recorded owners of the property are Gillem as well as Cren de Lummisden. They, in the years 1166-1182 signed a charter that was granted by the Priory of Coldingham. Adam de Lumisden, is likely to be the child of Gilbert and is believed to be the ancestral ancestor of the Lumsdens of the Ilk.
Adam along with his younger brother Roger de Lumesden paid tribute to Edward I of England in 1296. Their names appear, with various variations of spelling within the Ragman Roll. Lumsden Ancient Tartan is suitable for any occasion and event. The tartan is typically composed of Acrylic Wool and is characterized by navy blue white, red, and green hues which lighten the tartan and provide it with some balance.
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