Lomond Mist Tartan

Lomond Mist Tartan is a stunning and distinctive tartan design that is part of Clan Lomond. Clan Lomond. The origins of the clan goes up to 16th-century Scotland The Clan Lomond was renowned for their courage and loyalty. It was created by Justine Byrne with the aid by Gemma Teviotdale (House of Edgar) for MacGregor MacDuff, Glasgow. Woven Sample The samples from tartan was woven by Justine Byrne. tartan was accepted by the Scottish Register of Tartans for long-term preservation in to be included in the National Records of Scotland. They were among the strongest clans of the nation and were famous for their fighting skills. It is the Lomond Mist Tartan is a light and airy style, with shades of blue grey, and green. It's a contemporary version of traditional tartan patterns and is a preferred option for those seeking modern style.
The unique design of the tartan is an inspiration from the mist that covers the stunning Loch Lomond, which is situated in the middle of the ancestral lands of the clan. Its plaid Lomond Mist Tartan is an extremely popular option for scarves, kilts and other items of clothing in addition to accessories for the home and decor. If you're a part or Clan Lomond, Clan Lomond or simply appreciate the appeal of this tartan design, it is an excellent option for those looking to bring a bit of Scottish heritage to their fashion.