Lockhart Tartan

The Lockhart Tartan isn't an old-fashioned Scottish clan tartan but more of an innovative style. It's distinguished by a predominant blue and green design, with accents of yellow, red and black. The exact history and origin of the Lockhart Tartan isn't well known even though they are part of a Lowland family, and therefore in no way a clan. tartan was designed by our Chief in 1996. The tartan was approved as a valid choice by Lord Lyon and recorded in the Lyon Court Books. The fashion of its design reflects an intimate relationship of the MacDonald family in relation to Clanranald. MacDonalds of Clanranald and is featured inside Selkirk.' Lyon Court Book.
Lockhart Tartan fabric per meters is made of 100% new wool, and is proudly woven in Scotland. It is a contemporary style, rather than the traditional tartan of clans. But, it could be used to say that the combination of these colours gives it an enticing and unique look that celebrates Scotland's rich history and traditions. It doesn't matter if you're looking for the perfect kilt to wear for a special occasion or just wish to bring a touch of traditional to your daily outfit and style, the Lockhart Tartan is a fantastic option.