Lochaber Tartan

Lochaber Tartan can be seen as a symbol of the rich heritage and proud tradition of the Lochaber Clan. The Lochaber Clan is a Scottish clan that can trace its origins back to the past on the western shores of Scotland. Its Lochaber Tartan is a symbol of the family's past as well as its historic connection with its homeland. Lochaber Lochaber "aber" (joining or confluence) of the lochs is the site of legends, and is the subject of the "Road of the Isles'. The highest mountain in Great Britain, Ben Nevis and separated between the river Lochy and Loch Lochy in the Great Glen, Lochaber has no precise boundaries. The area is bordered by lakes that have given their name through Loch Linnhe, the long length of the sea that runs through the inland region of Loch Linnhe, which is the northern portion of the Island of Mull.
This breathtaking area gives the name to one of Scotland's most renowned district tartans. Lochaber Tartan is a distinctive pattern. Lochaber Tartan is a distinctive design, with hues of blue, green, and red. Each hue in the tartan has significance and is something of the Lochaber family's heritage and history. For instance, the color green of the tartan represents the rolling hills and lush greenery of Scotland The blue symbolizes the lochs and the seas that surround Lochaber. Lochaber traditional home. Red symbolizes the strength and bravery of the warriors from Lochaber. The Lochaber Tartan is a way for the members of the clan to be connected to their roots and honor their ancestral heritage.
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