Lennox Muted Tartan

The old earldom was composed of all of Dunbartonshire and also large portions from Renfrewshire, Stirlingshire, and Perthshire. Based on the Gaelic "Leven-ach," The Celtic Mormaers from Levenax became the Earls of Lennox who was later affixed by the Royal House of Stewart. There is some dispute about the history to the name Earl of Lennox. Some believe that the possibility that a Saxon baron named Arkyll was granted lands by Malcolm III. He later got married to a Scottish heiress who was the father of a son, who was the Earl of Lennox. Some speculate that William the Lion awarding the title to the brother of his, David, Earl of Huntingdon, and the Lennox family wasn't established until the time of William's reign. The pure Neu Wool Tartan is mostly red in hue. The Modern shade is dark, bright tones. The Color of Lennox Muted Tartan Includes Red, Green, Black, and White.
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