Kinnear Tartan

Discover the rich heritage of the Kinnear Tartan, a tribute to the storied history of the Kinnear clan. Rooted in Scotland, the Kinnear clan, also known as Kynnier, has a diverse lineage mirroring the Scottish landscape. Their crest, featuring a crescent rising from a cloud with a star between its horns, encircled by palm branches, symbolizes celestial connection and resilience. Their motto, "Errantia Lumina Fallunt" or "Wandering lights deceive," reflects their unwavering spirit. Initially linked to Perthshire, the clan's historical importance extends to the Barony of Kinnear near Wormit in Fife. While the clan currently lacks a recognized chief, its history is deeply ingrained in Scottish lore. The name "Kinnear" may originate from Gaelic, meaning "west headland." They served the Priory of St. Andrews' lands of Kathlac until the 18th century. Over the centuries, the Kinnears played vital roles in Scottish history, pledging allegiance to Edward I of England in 1296 and supporting the establishment of Protestantism in 1560. They held a monopoly on Tay River ferry crossings, with figures like David Kinnear registering arms in 1672. In the 17th and 18th centuries, religious conflicts led Kinnears to emigrate to Ireland and later North America. Their legacy endures through notable figures such as Lord Kinnear and talented Kinnear family members in acting and sports.
The Kinnear Tartan embodies this vibrant history, featuring a green background adorned with thin black, red, yellow, and white stripes. Each color and stripe pays homage to the clan's enduring legacy and the lush landscapes of Scotland.
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