Kinnear Tartan

Kinnear Tartan is a part of Kinnear, which is part of the Scottish clan Kinnear. Kinnear is a clan in Scotland. Kinnear is among the longest-running clans within Scotland with roots that date back to the 12th century. The name Kinnear originates from Kinnear, which is the Gaelic "Cean-air" which means "head of the shieling" or "head of the pasture".Created by collaborating together with The Scottish Tartans Society for the owner of the Barony of Kinnear situated near Wormit, Fife. The style is based on that of the Duke of Fife and the armorial colors are overcheck.
The Baron of Kinnear The Baron from Kinnear Michael Jean Pilette (Vlug). It is believed that the Clan Kinnear was originally based in the Kingdom of Fife and was famous for their skill in battle, as well as their abilities in the field of agriculture. In the past, this Clan Kinnear is involved with a variety of significant events across Scotland. They actively participated during the Wars of Scottish Independence in the 14th century. Also, Clan Kinnear members were faithful supporters of King Robert the Bruce. The clan of Kinnear was also active in the Jacobite revolt of 1715 in which they supported and fought for the Stuart causes and also fought an army from the British Crown.