Kincaid Ancient Tartan

Kincaid Ancient Tartan Kincaid Ancient Tartan is said to be a part of the Kincaid clan from Scotland. Kincaids are an old Scottish group with a long heritage, believed to originate from the land of Kincaid close to Stirling within the lowlands central to Scotland. It is believed to be the reason behind that of the Kincaid clan crest, which features the image of castles. Kincaid Ancient Tartan fabric sold by metres is made of 100% new wool that is proudly weaved in Scotland. The Kincaid family played a major part in Scottish history and was renowned for their courage and loyalty. They also were famous for their loyalty to Robert the Bruce during the Wars of Scottish Independence. Clan Kincaid is a Highland clan of the Highlands. It is believed to originate from an ancestral clan that is believed to come from the same region name, which is located in Stirlingshire. In 1296 a Kincaid clansman was brave in the Wars of Scottish Independence and was able to take Edinburgh Castle from the English forces.
Kincaid Ancient Tartan is a traditional Scottish tartan design that dates to the past centuries. It's distinctive by its striking red and black stripes mixed with green and white stripes. Kincaid Ancient Tartan Kincaid Ancient Tartan is often connected to that of the Kincaid Clan and is a preferred choice for kilts as well as other traditional Scottish clothing. The Kincaid Ancient Tartan can be a way to pay tribute to your roots and demonstrate your loyalty with your Kincaid Clan. The tartan design is available in a wide range of weights and materials making it suitable for informal and formal occasions. It doesn't matter if you're going to an event such as a Highland game or attending a formal occasion, a kilt crafted using the Kincaid Ancient Tartan will surely impress.