Kidd Clan Tartan

Kidd Clan Tartan is connected to the Kidd/Kid/Kydd surname which is a Scottish surname of Norse origin. It is believed that the Kidd family is believed to be from the region that was Galloway within Scotland and is believed to be a powerful family within the region. The Kidd family played an important part throughout Scottish historical events and is renowned for their bravery and courage in combat. There is a belief that the Kidd family name originates from Arbroath within the County of Angus and the first people to adopt the name were the Strathclyde Britons of Scotland. The first name for this kind is recorded in 1357 and the original name of this family is Robertus Kyd, de Dundee. A well-known Kidd that is located within the region is recognized by the name of William Kidd, also known as Captain Kidd, who was born in 1654 in Dundee.
The origins of the Tartan can be traced back to 1819 when it was known as Caledonia and MacPherson. The Tartan was sold primarily to a dealer named Kidd which was in Angus. The Kidd Clan Tartan fabric per meter is made of 100% new wool and is proudly made in Scotland. It is the Kidd Clan Tartan is a distinctive pattern that embodies the history and heritage that is the history of the Kidd family and provides a source of satisfaction for those who belong to the Kidd Clan. The tartan represents the Kidd family's Scottish tradition and serves as a way to identify individuals in the family. The design and shades of Kidd Clan Tartan are typically passed down from one generation to the next generation. They are then utilized to make traditional Scottish clothes, like plaids and kilts. The Kidd Clan Tartan can be a means to allow members of the Kidd family to display that they are proud of their heritage and bond with their ancestors.