Kerr Tartan

Immerse yourself in the captivating history of the Kerr tartan, a symbol of the esteemed Kerr clan hailing from the Scottish Borders. With a rich heritage and fascinating characteristics, the Kerrs have left an indelible mark on Scottish culture and traditional attire. The Kerrs were renowned for their association with left-handedness, a unique trait that bestowed upon them a distinct advantage on the battlefield. Legends speak of a high proportion of left-handed swordsmen within their ranks, contributing to their triumphs in combat. Remarkably, some of the Kerr clan's dwellings, like Ferniehirst Castle near Jedburgh, were ingeniously designed to favor these left-handed warriors. Spiral staircases, strategically crafted to offer a sword-wielder's advantage, stand as a testament to their martial prowess. Intrinsically tied to the Kerr clan's identity, their motto "Sero sed serio," meaning "Late but in earnest," embodies their unwavering commitment to fulfilling obligations and duties, regardless of delays. This motto reflects the clan's steadfast dedication to their values, echoing through generations. Within the vast tapestry of the Kerr clan, the Kerr Tartan serves as a distinctive marker of family lineages. Their origins can be traced to the north of Ayrshire, near Beith. The ancient seat of the family, the old barony of Kersland, played host to the Kers of Kersland, the original line of the Kerr clan. While many Scottish noble families trace their lineage back to Normans, the Kerrs defy convention, making their lineage all the more intriguing.
Kerr Tartan, a living testament to the Kerr clan's valor and heritage. Explore the vibrant hues of green, red, and black, meticulously woven together to create a visually stunning pattern that captivates the eye. The colors symbolize the verdant landscapes, the fiery spirit, and the solemnity of the Kerr lineage, immersing you in the essence of Scottish tradition.
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