Kennedy Tartan

This Tartan has a captivating history deeply rooted in ancient heritage. Derived from the Gaelic term for "ugly headed," its name traces back to ancient Ireland. They settled in Carrick, Ayrshire, under the visionary leadership of Gilbert, shaping their destiny. In the 12th century, Gilbert's son Duncan became the 1st Earl of Carrick, altering their lineage. During turbulent times, they remained steadfast allies of the Bruces, providing unwavering support in the Wars of Independence. Gilbert, another descendant, became Lord Kennedy in 1457, solidifying their esteemed status. Ulric Kennedy branched out to Lochaber, forming Clan Ulric, a respected sept of Clan Cameron. They bravery knew no bounds, exemplified by Hugh Kennedy of Ardstinchar, who fought alongside Joan of Arc during the English siege of Orleans. Fate dealt both cruelty and inspiration. The 3rd Lord of them transformed their legacy into the 1st Earl of Cassillis in 1509. Tragically, he met his end at the heart-wrenching battlefield of Flodden in 1513. Yet their enduring legacy lives on in Culzean Castle—an extraordinary fortress commissioned by the visionary 10th Earl of Cassillis, David. Designed by Robert Adam, this magnificent architectural marvel has withstood centuries of triumphs and tribulations. Its significance led to it being offered as a retreat to General Dwight D. Eisenhower, a tribute to his remarkable wartime achievements.
This Tartan weaves together an exquisite blend of colors, including shades of green, blue, black, red, and yellow. Its vibrant palette harmoniously captures the vivid beauty of Scotland's landscapes, paying tribute to the striking hills, shimmering lochs, and ancient forests. The interplay of these colors creates an enchanting symphony, embodying the spirit of this heritage. Set against a backdrop of tradition, this tartan's set pattern intricately combines these hues in a captivating arrangement, reflecting the lineage and elegance of this clan.
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