Jones Tartan

The Jones Tartan was developed to be worn by anyone (Or any place) under Jones. Jones located in Wales, England, and Scotland or anywhere else in the world. The design is symbolic of Jones's origins in Wales and its global spreading. The center of the sett is a reflection of the green and white colors of the Welsh flag, with it's red dragon. This Tartan is a a biblical name that originated as it was the Latin Johannes and later became Welsh Ieuan. John was used following that the Normans arrived. It was often written as Sion or Shone because John's letter "J" is missing in the Welsh alphabet. Shone, Jones (son of John). Jones is "son of John" Perhaps derived by the names of both John or James. This Tartan is appropriate for any occasion and event. The Tartan is typically constructed from Acrylic Wool and includes dark blue, dark green black and white. It also has red and white shades that will bring the tartan to a lighter tone and provide it with more balance.
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