Jardine of Castlemilk Tartan

The Jardine family, also known as the Gardeners, has a rich and fascinating history that spans several centuries. Originating from the lowlands of Scotland, the Jardine family has its roots in the Scottish-English border region. The Jardine family was known for their skills in agriculture and horticulture, which is where they derived their name "Jardine" from the French word "jardin," meaning garden. The Jardine Clan is steeped in rich history and is led by Sir William Murray Jardine, the 13th Baronet of Applegarth and the 24th Chief of the Jardine family. The Jardine of Castlemilk Tartan was crafted in the late 1990s and received the official stamp of approval from the 23rd Chief of the Jardine Clan, Sir Alexander Maule Jardine of Applegarth, 12th Baronet.
The design of this Tartan was the result of the active participation of Sir William Jardine, the father of Sir William Murray Jardine, who was a passionate promoter of his clan's activities and a dedicated member of the Committee of the Council of Chiefs. The Jardine of Castlemilk Tartan, also known as the Gardeners' tartan, is a vibrant and distinctive pattern that is steeped in tradition and history. The tartan features a deep green background with thin stripes of red and yellow. These colors are thought to symbolize the lush green fields of Scotland and the sun-drenched gardens of the Jardine family. The Jardine of Castlemilk Tartan is a popular choice for those who have a connection to the Jardine family or those who simply appreciate its rich heritage and beautiful design. Whether worn as a kilt, scarf, or sash, the Jardine of Castlemilk Tartan is a timeless and classic piece that will never go out of style.