Jackson Tartan

The tartan was invented by Brian Wilton to celebrate the Australian wedding of Scot, Michael Jackson, and Australian, Brigitte Prager on 30th October 2004. The tartan is worn by other people who have the same names and with permission from Michael Jackson. The tartan was initially created by Andrew Elliot, Selkirk. Jackson Tartan is suited for any event or occasion. However, there are many tartans that have been connected to Jackson like those of Ancient Jackson, Modern Jackson as well as Weathered Jackson tartans. These tartans aren't officially registered and therefore not official, however, they can be worn by any person who has the name or with an interest in the Jackson name. According to some, there is an additional Scottish clan that is also called Jaxon. The history of the clan is which dates as far back as the 14th century. The name of the clan is derived from the name given to it "Jak". It was traditionally connected to Selkirkshire or Roxburghshire. Clan members were famous for their expertise in agriculture and animal management. The clan is thought to be small and not strong, with no noteworthy members or occasions.
Also, The design of the tartan pattern varies based on the style of tartan, but generally, it is made up of a variety of shades, including blue green, red and black. Its Ancient Jackson tartan, for example, has blue and navy blue backgrounds with thin green, red, and yellow lines that are woven across the background. Its Modern Jackson tartan has a green background that is complemented by red, blue, and yellow stripes. It is also known as the Weathered Jackson tartan is a more muted variant of The Modern Jackson tartan. There isn't any particular significance or meaning to these hues in the Jackson tartan, since it isn't an officially recognized clan tartan.