Italian Tartan

Mike Lemetti is a proud third-generation Scottish Italian whose ancestors migrated from Tuscany to Scotland in 1890. To commemorate the Scottish-Italian links, a tartan was designed exclusively for Scots of Italian descent, and it was approved by the Italian Consul in Glasgow. The tartan design incorporates the colours of the Italian flag, with black representing the Praetorian Guard, an elite force established during the Empire period to protect the Emperor and his family. The gold in the tartan reflects the richness of the Roman Empire's culture and the warmth and beauty of the Italian sunshine. The background of Azzuri blue, inspired by the Italian national football team, is a bold and formidable color that evokes images of the Mediterranean depths. Mike's Scottish Italian heritage is uniquely celebrated in this tartan, with its distinct and meaningful colours representing the strength, power, and love of the Italian people for their country.
The "Italian Tartan" is a visually striking plaid with a distinct pattern and a variety of colors. The base color of the tartan is a deep, rich blue, which serves as a backdrop for the other colors. The blue is complemented by bright white stripes that provide a clean and crisp contrast. Additionally, the tartan incorporates thin black stripes that lend a sharp and edgy element to the design. The red and yellow stripes provide a pop of color that adds warmth and vibrancy to the overall look. The pattern of the Italian Tartan is symmetrical and pleasing to the eye, with each stripe placed in a thoughtful and deliberate manner. The combination of all these elements creates a tartan that is both elegant and visually engaging, reflecting the rich heritage and culture of Italy.
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