Irvine Muted Tartan

The name itself "Irvine" can be described as the result of an Old English personal name. Irvine is in Gaelic is ir-afon , which means green water. However, the source to the surname's name was local, from Irving the parish of Irving, which was once located in Dumfriesshire (though families from this region prefer spelling of 'Irvine'). There is a parish in Ayrshire with the same name. It is likely to have produced families from Irvine. The popular Aberdeen Shire family from Irvine of Drum is a descendent of William de Irvine who obtained the barony free of Drum in 1324. Irvine Muted Tartan is perfect for any occasion and event. The tartan is typically composed of Acrylic Wool fabric and includes forest blue, green, and black.
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