Iron Horse Tartan Kilt

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Materials & Features

Iron Horse Tartan Kilt

For a modern take on a classic-style kilt, consider the Iron Horse Tartan Kilt. This customizable kilt features colors and squares arranged in such a way that they appear to be pixelated, adding a contemporary dash of style to your look. Completely made to measure, the Iron Horse Tartan Kilt features colors including varying shades of tan that contrast against the stunning grays and browns that they surround. Lining the tartan pattern is a red stripe with white accents. Made from cozy acrylic, this kilt comes with rust free buckles for connecting a sporran or other accessory. The side has a knife pleat for additional style and comfort, and an adjustable leather strap completes the kilt.

Materials & Features
Cloth: 100% Acrylic Wool Fabric
Design: Wood Cock Tartan
Pleats: Knife Pleats
Cleaning: Easy to Wash
Buckles: Rust Free
Strap: Adjustable Leather Strap