Houston Tartan

The Houston Clan is a Scottish Clan with a long and rich history. The name Houston originates from the Gaelic "Houstoun", meaning "settlement on a hill." The clan is located within Renfrewshire, Scotland, and is a sept within the Clan Graham. The tartan of the clan can differ according to the origin of the family and the location. Houston tartan wasn't symmetrical however people who are members of the Scottish Tartans Society appear to believe that it is identical to the one it is which led to this false version. The truth of the tale can be traced back to the design that was created in the hands of John P. Houston of Batesville, Arkansas, and W. James Houston from New Zealand.
The Tartan is usually made using Acrylic Wool and is yellow-colored it has black and light green lines, which make the tartan lighter and give it a balanced balance. This tartan pattern makes your clothing more elegant and stylish. We offer a variety of kilts that are high-quality. Skirts, jackets, and other garments are constructed from this stunning Houston Tartan. To ensure that your experience is more classy we pay attention to the finest aspects that create this Tartan an elegant piece that conveys the refined fashion of the entire family. You can purchase any of the items listed below with this tartan, and we'll make the exact garments in accordance with your specifications