Heriot Tartan

The Heriot Tartan is a historic Scottish tartan that boasts a rich history, a proud clan heritage.The origins of the Heriot Tartan can be traced back to the Heriot Clan. The clan's name is derived from the Old English word "heriot," which referred to a payment or tribute made to a lord or chief. The Heriot Clan was known for its fierce loyalty to the Scottish Crown and its participation in various battles and conflicts, was a powerful clan that hailed from the Scottish Lowlands. The clan was known for its martial prowess and loyalty to the Scottish Crown.
The Heriot Tartan has a striking pattern that has captivated kilt enthusiasts around the world. It features a classic pattern that is characterized by its striking combination of deep navy blue and rich forest green, accented by bold lines of white and black. This distinctive pattern is arranged in a symmetrical design, with each color meticulously woven to create a harmonious and eye-catching display. The Heriot Tartan is woven from high-quality, durable materials, ensuring that it not only looks stunning but also stands up to the rigors of everyday wear.
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