Hebridean Sands Tartan

It is believed that the Hebridean Sands Tartan a Scottish tartan believed to originate from in the Western Isles of Scotland. It's named in honor of its famous Hebridean Sands and is associated with the rich heritage of the region and traditions. The area, where the Celts were the dominant population in Scotland during the Hebrides was inhabited by Vikings between 700 and around 900 AD. The region eventually came under the control of the Norse in about 1098.
There is a strong influence of both civilizations, perhaps more so in the use of the dialect. The Colors of Hebridean Sands Tartan Include Brown, Black, and Red-Grey Lines. The Hebridean Sands Tartan is distinguished by its distinctive combination of dark and light greens, blues, and yellows. It is often used to depict the clan's history, heritage, and culture of the inhabitants of the Hebrides.