Haig Check Tartan

It is believed that the Haig Tartan is connected to the Haig family, which is an ancient Scottish family with a long and extensive tradition. The Haigs were prominent within Scotland for a long time and played a major part in the history of Scotland. The tartan was created by Sir Richard W Griffiths, Colonel of the 4th Battalion King's Own Scottish Borderers in 1908 to create the tartans and pipers. It was adopted by the Haig family. Earl Haig as the latter was also a Colonel of the battalion and was also called by Haig Check. The Haig Tartan was a tartan pattern that is connected to Haig Check, which is a member of the Haig family. They are a well-known Scottish clan with a long tradition.
The Haig Tartan has a mixture of blue, green, yellow, and red which reflect the colours associated with the Haig family crest. This tartan design is utilised in kilts, as well as other items of clothing like skirts, jackets, and other accessories. In wearing Haig Tartan is a means to honour one's Scottish heritage and to honour the past and heritage of Haig family members. Haig family. The modern tartan pattern, designed to represent the colours and the heritage from the Haig family, is not an old-fashioned tartan of the clan. The design is typically used to make kilts. Wearing Haig Tartan is an opportunity to display gratitude for one's Scottish tradition and honour the past and heritage of that of the Haig family.