Grey Spirit Tartan

It is believed that the Grey Spirit Tartan does not appear to be a particular clan tartan. Owain GlynDwr was one to the princes of Powys and the last crowning Prince of Wales who owned the land of North Wales around 600 years ago. After his rebellion from Henry IV in 1406, He is still regularly being voted as our most well-known Welshman! This is a modern tartan that is designed to be fashionable, instead of having a traditional connection to a particular Scottish clan. Grey symbolises elegant, reliable and class which makes it a popular choice for kilts and various garments.
In addition, the "Spirit" in the name could refer to the vitality and energy that is often associated with tartan designs. This is merely speculation, and the origin and the exact meaning behind"Grey Spirit "Grey Spirit Tartan" name is not known. So, the tartan called Grey Spirit is a modern tartan pattern that uses grey shades as the dominant colour. This design is commonly used to make kilts, however it could also be utilised to cover other items of clothing like skirts, jackets and other accessories. The grey colour of the tartan provides it with an elegant and fashionable appearance, which makes it a preferred option for casual and formal occasions.