Gillis Tartan

The Gillis Tartan, a testament to the heritage of Francis J and Florence M Gillis and their family, encapsulates a rich narrative intertwined with the history and natural beauty of Nova Scotia. The tartan's design is not merely an aesthetic choice but a symbolic representation of the region's landscape and the Gillis family's lineage. The blue threads in the tartan echo the vast ocean surrounding Nova Scotia, while the purple threads pay homage to the resilient heather that dots the countryside. Green threads are a nod to the lush forests, and black represents the coal found in the Sydney Mines, a critical component of the area’s industrial past. The intricate threadcount of the tartan is a personal touch, reflecting the number of children and grandchildren descended from Francis and Florence, making each pattern a family emblem. The Gillis Tartan also carries historical ties to the MacArthur of Milton Hunting tartan, which is one of the oldest known MacArthur patterns. Its similarity to the Campbell tartan signifies the historical connection between the MacArthurs and Clan Campbell, a lineage preserved in Wilson's "1823" sample book. Officially documented on September 10, 2007, the Gillis Tartan stands as a modern homage to both family and regional history.
The Gillis Tartan is distinguished by its striking and meaningful color palette. It features a dominant black background, symbolizing the coal of Sydney Mines. This dark base is accented with thick green and purple stripes, representing the forests and heather of Nova Scotia, respectively. Thin sky blue stripes run through the pattern, reminiscent of the surrounding ocean waters. The sett pattern is both traditional and unique, making it a visually appealing and culturally significant choice for tartan enthusiasts.
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