German District Tartan

Tartans are generally associated with Scotland and the diverse patterns are typically tied to particular Scottish clans. There are also numerous Tartan styles that have been connected to German cities, regions, or states, but not any particular clan. The design and colors employed in a tartan differ widely and are usually selected to represent the natural landscapes or the cultural heritage of the region they are linked to. In 1670, the first significant collection of German immigrants arrived in the British colonies and settled mostly in Pennsylvania, New York, and Virginia. The Mississippi Company of France transported hundreds of Germans from Europe to Louisiana and then from Louisiana to the German Coast, Orleans Territory between 1718 and 1750.
The colors of German District Tartan were chosen to represent the colors of the German flag, which include soft black, red, and gold, majorly blue along with beige and black stripes. The exact design and colors that are used in tartan designs can vary greatly and are typically selected to reflect the natural landscapes and the cultural heritage of the region they're connected to. It's important to remember the fact that it's a design that is usually associated with Scotland however it is unlikely to come across any authentic or traditional "German tartan" since tartan is not an authentic German textile.
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