Geddes Tartan

The Geddes clan is a proud Scottish clan with deep roots in the Scottish Highlands. The clan traces its origins back to a 12th-century chieftain named Geddes, whose name is derived from the Gaelic word "gaidheal" meaning "Highlander". The Geddes was a powerful and independent clan in the Scottish Highlands known for their fierce resistance to outside rule and their skill in battle. Despite not having a recognized chief by the Lord Lyon King of Arms and not being recognized according to Scots Law, many still wear the Geddes Tartan with pride as a symbol of their heritage.
The Geddes Tartan is a traditional plaid pattern that features a unique blend of green, blue, red, and yellow colors on a white background. The intricate and bold design reflects the clan's fierce independence and strong spirit. Today, the Geddes Tartan is worn by many members of the clan as a symbol of their heritage and identity, and can be seen in different forms such as kilts, scarfs, ties, and other accessories, and also in home decor. The design may vary depending on the source, but it generally stays true to the traditional style.