Geddes Tartan

Step into the captivating history of the Geddes clan through their tartan, a symbol of their proud lineage. This remarkable tartan pays tribute to the resilient and valiant heritage of this clan, which dates back to the formidable chieftain Geddes in the 12th century. Renowned for their unwavering resistance to external rule and their remarkable battlefield prowess, this clan holds an indelible place in Scottish history. One of the most iconic moments in this clan history revolves around the courageous Jenny Geddes. In 1637, amidst discontent over King Charles I's Anglican worship and attempted introduction of Catholicism, Jenny sparked a riot within the revered walls of Edinburgh's St Giles' Cathedral. Fearlessly hurling her folding stool at the Dean of Edinburgh during a newly prescribed service, Jenny ignited a passionate resistance that led to shattered windows and widespread unrest. Despite attempts to negotiate and quell the conflict, the mounting tension escalated, resulting in the expulsion of bishops and archbishops from the Church of Scotland. Today, a monument within St Giles' Cathedral stands as a lasting tribute to Jenny, featuring a bronze three-legged stool. Even esteemed poet Robert Burns honored her courage by naming his mare after her, cementing her legacy as a revered figure in Scottish history.
This Tartan is a captivating display of heritage, showcases a striking combination of red, green, purple, and white. These colors intertwine, forming a vibrant and harmonious tapestry that represents the rich traditions and spirit of the clan. The deep red embodies the ardor and strength that flows through the veins of these noble warriors. The lush green symbolizes the enduring connection to the bountiful Scottish landscapes that have shaped their character. A regal touch is added with touches of majestic purple, reminiscent of the clan's historical achievements. Finally, the pristine white threads weave through, signifying purity and a commitment to honor.
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