Fraser Old Tartan

The family settled on the Borders in the year 1160. Later, they relocated northwards to the Highlands. The most renowned clan branches includes Frasers of Lovat. Frasers of Lovat which has their home located in the Inverness-shire region. Inverness-shire is where the Frasers of Lovat were active within Highland time and regularly involved in clan conflicts.
Simon Lord Lovat who was executed for his Jacobite actions in the 1745 Jacobite Rising was one of the mysteries of historical events. Son of General Fraser, General Fraser, fought at Quebec and was a highly successful military career. Lord Saltoun, who has his seat in Cairnbuig, Aberdeenshire, is the head of the entire Clan Fraser, while Lord Lovat is the chief of the Clan Fraser of Lovat. Badge - Yew. The Colors of Fraser Old Tartan Includes Red, Blue, and Green.
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