Fraser Of Altyre Tartan

Step into the rich tapestry of Scottish history with the Fraser Of Altyre Tartan. The Fraser clan, boasting both Lowland and Highland branches, traces its origins back to Anjou in France. The name finds its roots in local places such as Fredarius, Fresel, or Freseau, though an intriguing family legend suggests a connection to the ancient Roman Gaul tribe known as the Friselii, symbolized by a humble strawberry plant. While this legend may remain elusive, the first appearance of them in Scotland can be traced to Simon Fraser, who held lands at Keith in East Lothian around 1160. Throughout the ages, the clan has been closely intertwined with pivotal moments in Scottish history. They lent their unwavering support to legendary figures like William Wallace and Robert the Bruce during their courageous battles against English oppression. They were not without their own conflicts, engaging in disputes with the MacDonalds and the Gordons during the tumultuous Wars of the Three Kingdoms. In more recent times, they found themselves entangled in the Jacobite risings, where loyalties were divided between the British government and the Jacobites. Their participation showcased the complexity of Scottish allegiances during this period of political upheaval.
The Fraser Of Altyre Tartan features a stunning combination of blue, green, and red hues, meticulously woven to create a visually captivating pattern. The blue signifies the strength and loyalty that have characterized the clan throughout history, while the vibrant green pays homage to the majestic landscapes of Scotland. The vibrant red, on the other hand, represents the fiery spirit and determination that have propelled them through turbulent times.
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