Fraser Hunting Tartan

The captivating world of Scottish history through the Fraser Hunting Tartan. This exquisite tartan represents the Fraser clan, rooted in the 12th century. Immerse yourself in their tales of courage, epic battles, and enduring traditions. The Fraser clan traces back to Simon Fraser, who arrived in Scotland around 1160. They played a significant role in Scottish history, leaving a lasting impact on the culture. Their motto, "All My Hope Is In God," reflects their unwavering spirit and commitment. Notably, the Fraser clan participated in the Wars of Scottish Independence, fighting alongside figures like William Wallace and Robert the Bruce. Simon Fraser of Lovat, a distinguished member, demonstrated bravery and loyalty in preserving Scotland's identity. Over the centuries, the Fraser clan faced challenges, engaging in conflicts with rival clans like the MacDonalds and the Gordons. They expanded their lands, including the acquisition of the Bisset lands in Inverness-shire. Resilience and enduring traditions define the Fraser clan's story. They supported James I during the Jacobite uprisings, but internal divisions arose as some aligned with the British Government while others embraced the Jacobite cause. The Fraser clan's legacy transcends Scotland's borders, with a vibrant diaspora in countries like Canada and the USA. Today, Fraser of Lovat is the clan's current chief, while Lady Saltoun holds the prestigious title of "Chief of the name and arms of the whole Clan Fraser.
Experience the Fraser Hunting Tartan, an embodiment of Scottish artistry and cultural heritage. The tartan showcases a harmonious blend of colors that evokes the breathtaking landscapes and majestic castles of Scotland. The Fraser Hunting Tartan features a predominantly green background, symbolizing the lush Scottish Highlands. The vibrant red lines intertwine with navy blue, creating a striking contrast that represents the clan's passionate spirit and unwavering determination. These colors come together in a sett pattern that exudes elegance and sophistication.
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