Fraser Gathering Ancient Tartan

Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of the Fraser clan with our Fraser Gathering Ancient Tartan. Designed in 1997 by Polly Wittering of the Macnaughton Group and Lady Saltoun, this tartan was created exclusively for the Castle Fraser Gathering held in Aberdeenshire. The clan, with both Lowland and Highland branches, shares a storied history that spans across Scotland and the world. Originating from Anjou in France, they adopted their name from local places like Fredarius, Fresel, or Freseau. The iconic strawberry plant featured in the Fraser arms holds a heraldic pun, as "fraisiers" translates to strawberry plants in French. It symbolizes the clan's heritage and connection to their ancestral lands. They have been an integral part of Scotland's history, standing alongside notable figures such as William Wallace and Robert the Bruce. Simon Fraser of Lovat, a prominent Fraser, valiantly saved Bruce's life on three separate occasions. Their devotion to the cause remained unwavering. During the Wars of the Three Kingdoms, they rallied behind the Royalists, exemplifying their loyalty to the crown. However, they faced defeat at the hands of Oliver Cromwell's forces in the Battle of Worcester. Despite this setback, the clan's indomitable spirit endured, and their legacy lives on through their tartan.
The Fraser Gathering Ancient Tartan showcases a captivating combination of blue, green, red, and white. The blue and green represent the majestic Scottish landscapes, while the red symbolizes the clan's strength and valor. The elegant white threads add a touch of purity and balance.
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