Fletcher Ancient Tartan

An arrowsmith was a fletcher or bow maker. Because of this, the name Fletcher originates from a trade, a number of families bearing this name sprung up to join the various clans from which they earned their living. The name was spotted in the men of Kilravock in 1497. The Fletchers from Glenlyon was arrow makers to the MacGregors.
The Fletchers were in search of the Prince in 1745. In the 18th century, the most well-known name is Gilles Crannaich, Archibald of Dunans who was a close acquaintance of Rob Roy with whom he experienced numerous adventures. Many Fletchers of Dunans (the most famous family) descendants of Gilles have distinguished themselves in the field of law or government, and in reform. The color of Fletcher Ancient Tartan includes Blue, Green, Black, and Red Lines.
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