Fermanagh County Tartan

Transport yourself to the captivating landscapes of Northern Ireland's County Fermanagh with the Fermanagh County Tartan. Nestled within the province of Ulster, this enchanting county has earned the moniker of "Ireland's Lake District" for its picturesque location in the basin of the River Erne. Its rich history can be traced back to the Plantation of Ulster when it was granted the status of a county by the esteemed Elizabeth I. Unlike its counterparts in Northern Ireland, Fermanagh stands unique as the only county that does not border the expansive Lough Neagh. Covering an area of 1,691 square kilometers, this scenic haven is home to a population of 61,805, with the bustling town of Enniskillen serving as its beating heart and largest settlement. Immersed in tradition, Fermanagh carries a vibrant culture shaped by its majority Catholic population, as highlighted in the 2011 census. Its majestic allure lies in the abundance of lakes and waterways, with the mesmerizing Upper and Lower Lough Erne reigning supreme. As you delve into Fermanagh's landscapes, you'll discover the rugged beauty of the West Fermanagh Scarplands, the majestic Sliabh Beagh hills, and the awe-inspiring Cuilcagh mountain range.
The Fermanagh County Tartan is a captivating tapestry of colors that represents the natural splendor of the county. The tartan features a harmonious combination of light blue, dark blue, green, and pale hues intricately woven into a mesmerizing sett pattern. The light blue represents the shimmering waters of Fermanagh's lakes, while the dark blue symbolizes the depth and tranquility of its vast waterways. The lush green hues pay tribute to the verdant landscapes and rolling hills, while the pale shades evoke the ethereal beauty that envelops the county.
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