Ferguson Modern Tartan

The tartan and associated family items are suitable for surnames including Fergus, Fergie, Ferries, Fergusson, Forgie, Keddie, Kiddie, MacAdie, MacFergus, MacKeddie, MacKerras, and MacKersey. The Ferguson clan has a long and storied history in Scotland, with at least five groups of Fergusons living under their respective chiefs in various regions before the 18th century. Today, the Kilkerran Fergusons in Ayrshire and the family of Ferguson of Baledmund and the Fergusons of Balquhidder in Perthshire are still owners of extensive lands. The Ferguson surname may have originated from Duncan, son of Gilbert, the son of Fergus, hence MacFhearguis. By the 13th century, there were men in different parts of Scotland who called themselves "sons of Fergus." Though the dispersed Clan Ferguson has not achieved battlefield glories, they fought alongside Clan Bruce in the Scottish Civil War and the English Civil War. Some Perthshire Fergusons also fought alongside James Graham, the 1st Marquess of Montrose in 1644. In the '45, the oldest soldier in Prince Charles Edward's Army at the Battle of Prestonpans was an 80-year-old Ferguson. In 1306-1329, Robert I of Scotland granted certain lands in Ayrshire to Fergus MacFergus, and in 1466, John Ferguson resigned a portion of his estate to Fergus Ferguson of Kilkerran. Today, the Baron of Kilkerran holds the undifferenced arms as Chief of the Name, and the head of the Kilkerran family is regarded as the chief of all the Fergus(s)ons. The current Chief is Sir Charles Ferguson of Kilkerran, 9th Baronet, who resides in the ancestral home near Maybole, Ayrshire. The Ferguson clan's badge features a bee on a thistle, and their Latin motto is "Dulcius ex aperis" meaning "Sweeter after difficulties”.
The Ferguson Modern Tartan features a beautiful combination of blue, black, green and red hues that come together in a striking pattern. The design is characterized by a series of crisscrossing lines that create a plaid effect, with each line representing a different color. The tartan is dominated by a deep blue shade that serves as the background color, while the other hues are used to create a series of thin lines that run vertically and horizontally across the fabric. The addition of black helps to create a sense of depth and contrast, while the green and red hues add pops of color that help to create a sense of vibrancy and energy.
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