Evans Tartan

Evans could be a patronymic surname meaning "son of Evan." The name used for Evan is an ancestor of Evans, Evans was born in 1814, as the son of weaver Lockerbie within Dumfries and Galloway. The company was founded by him in 1828, after over 20 years of testing various types of woolen fabrics. The Welsh name is Ifan and is a synonym for John which means "gracious gift of Jehovah." Within the United State, Evans is the 8th most frequently used surname. It is the most popular within the town of Swansea, Wales. The Evans Tartan features are light blue, and light red, with black and light blue lines. The Evans Tartan is a thick woolen yarn with dull cream or tan colors which is typically used for blankets, throws, and shawls. It has a rough nubby texture that is available in the most sought-after shades.
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