Ettrick District Tartan

The origin story of the Ettrick District Tartan design remains shrouded in mystery, though it was notably featured in book 4 of Wilsons of Bannockburn's Pattern Collections, which dates back to approximately 1900. The significance of the tartan lies in its connection to the historic region of Selkirk, where William Wallace was declared the Guardian of Scotland in 1298. selkirk, also known as Scheleschirche in earlier times, was the capital of Ettrick Forest and held great importance in the Scottish territories. Wallace and his troops made use of the forest during their campaign against the English garrisons at Roxburgh and Jedburgh Castles. The Ettrick District Tartan thus carries with it a rich history that reflects the bravery and resilience of Scotland's people in the face of adversity.
The Ettrick District Tartan comprises blue, yellow, green, and red stripes arranged in a repeating pattern. These colors symbolize the natural landscape of the Ettrick Forest region. The tartan's significance lies in its connection to Scottish history and identity, particularly in relation to the struggle for independence from England. Today, it is still worn to honor Scotland's cultural heritage and traditions.
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