Dyce Tartan

The Dyce Tartan, with its rich and storied history, weaves a tale that spans across the lands of Norfolk, England, and the picturesque parish of Dyce in Aberdeen, Scotland. This distinguished tartan holds a connection to the Skene clan, with their serving as one of its esteemed septs. The name, bearing variations such as Dyos, Dyess, Diss, and Dias, echoes through the annals of time, carrying with it tales of prominent individuals who have etched their names into history. In the year 1467, John De Diss, a Burgess of Aberdeen, left an indelible mark on the city's heritage, forever intertwining this name with the tapestry of Scottish culture. The origins of their surname can be traced back even further, with its roots reaching into the verdant landscapes of Norfolk, England. Essex, too, claims a connection to them, where William de Disse held lands as early as 1273. Another intriguing figure, Walter Diss or Dysse, a Carmelite hailing from the town of Diss in Norfolk, adds to the tapestry of their legacy. The tartan of Dyce, a testament to the enduring spirit of Scottish heritage, was first illustrated in the renowned publication "The Tartans of the Clans & Septs of Scotland 1906" by W & AK Johnston Limited. Its vibrant colors and distinctive sett pattern symbolize the merging of traditions and the unity of the Skene clan and its septs.
This tartan is a magnificent representation of its distinct identity, brought to life through a vibrant color palette of green, blue, black yellow and white. Hues of deep green, reminiscent of the lush Highland moors, intermingle with serene shades of blue, representing the enchanting lochs that adorn the countryside. A bold touch of black signifies strength and resilience, while vibrant streaks of yellow breathe life into the design, echoing the warmth of the sun. Delicate accents of white add a touch of purity to the overall composition, completing a captivating palette that captures the essence of the tartan.
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