Dunlop Ancient Tartan

The Dunlop Ancient Tartan holds a rich history dating back to the 13th Century in Dunlop, Ayrshire. Originally known as Dulap or Delap, this name evolved while retaining its charm. Notable figures like Neil Fitz Robert de Dullope paid homage to the Scottish revolutionary government in 1296, embodying the clan's enduring legacy. Their ancestral coat of arms, granted around 1300, featured a striking red two-headed eagle on a white field, symbolizing their traditions. Through the centuries, this family thrived, making their mark in Scottish and international history. Constantine Dunlop of that Ilk distinguished himself in 1496, while William Dunlop the Elder ventured to Carolina in 1680 before becoming Principal of Glasgow University in 1690. This name spread across the Atlantic, with variations like Dalape, Dunlap, or Dunlape taking root in America and Canada. During tumultuous times, this family exhibited unwavering loyalty. They staunchly supported Presbyterianism and the Covenanters in the 17th century, facing the threat of land forfeiture and imprisonment. They also backed the Government during the '45' rebellion and played a role in the Peninsular wars, solidifying their reputation for resilience and devotion to their homeland.
The Dunlop Ancient Tartan showcases a harmonious blend of purple, black, red, and white. The deep blue hues evoke a sense of serenity, while the bold black tones exude strength and resilience. Fiery red accents punctuate the tartan, adding a vibrant touch that symbolizes the enduring spirit of the clan. Finally, the pristine white threads interwoven throughout the pattern represent purity and clarity of purpose.
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