Dundas Tartan

The Dundas family has its origins in West Lothian, Scotland and is believed to descend from Gospatrick, Prince of Northumberland. The family obtained the lands of Dundas through a charter from Waldeve, son of Gospatric, most likely during the reign of Malcolm IV. The clan fought alongside William Wallace and King Robert I of Scotland during the Wars of Scottish Independence. Throughout history, the Dundas family played an important role in Scottish history, with notable figures such as Sir George Dundas, who was killed at the Battle of Dupplin Moor in 1332, and William Dundas of Kincavel, who was imprisoned for his role in the 1715 Jacobite Rebellion. The clan motto 'Essayez' (Try) represents the Dundas family's determination and willingness to take on challenges. The crest features a lion's head looking through a bush of oak, while the badge is a lion looking through a bush of oak. The Dundas tartan is recorded in the Sobieski brothers' Vestiarium Scoticum of 1842. Today, the Clan Chief is David Dundas of Dundas, who continues to honor the legacy of his ancestors from their historic seat at Dundas Castle near South Queensferry.
The Dundas Tartan, which is recorded in the Sobieski brothers' Vestiarium Scoticum of 1842, features a striking design with a combination of blue, black, green, and red. The pattern consists of a series of criss-crossing lines and blocks of color, with thin lines of black and blue running through the green and red sections. The overall effect is a bold and distinctive look that reflects the strength and resilience of the Dundas family. The colors of the tartan are deeply symbolic, with blue representing loyalty, black symbolizing strength, green signifying hope and red representing bravery. The Dundas Tartan is a striking example of Scottish textile design, and it is a testament to the enduring legacy of the Dundas family.
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