Dunblane Tartan

This Tartan represents the rich historical legacy of Dunblane, a small cathedral city located north of Stirling. At the heart of this town stands Dunblane Cathedral, a testament to its enduring presence. The scenic beauty of the area is enhanced by the graceful flow of the Allan Water, a tributary of the River Forth. The name is steeped in ancient lore, believed to have originated from "fort of Blane '' in honor of Saint Blane, a revered early Christian saint. Its history is intertwined with significant events, such as the Battle of Sherriffmuir, which took place near these hallowed grounds in 1715. This clash had a profound impact on Scotland's political landscape, leaving an indelible mark on the region's narrative. Sadly, in 1996, they gained national attention due to the tragic incident known as the Dunblane massacre. Within the walls of a primary school gymnasium, 16 precious children and their dedicated teacher lost their lives senselessly. Today, this tartan serves as a symbol of resilience and remembrance, encapsulating the spirit of a community that has experienced both triumph and tragedy.
This tartan proudly showcases a captivating array of red, green, yellow, black and white and a bit of orange and brown color, each with its own symbolic representation. The rich and passionate red embodies the courage, strength, and enduring spirit of their community. Green, reminiscent of the lush Scottish landscapes, symbolizes growth, harmony, and the connection to nature. Yellow signifies warmth, optimism, and the bright outlook for the future. Black represents resilience, dignity, and the ability to overcome adversity. White signifies purity, innocence, and the hope that shines through even in the darkest of times. This tartan also features subtle accents of orange and brown, symbolizing vitality, stability, and the earthy elements that ground us.
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