Duke of Fife Tartan

The Duke of Fife Tartan carries with it a rich historical legacy deeply intertwined with the esteemed title in the Peerage of the United Kingdom, the Duke of Fife. This illustrious title was established to honor the exceptional union between the 1st Duke of Fife and Princess Louise, Princess Royal, daughter of King Edward VII. Descending from this royal connection, the present Duke of Fife proudly upholds the family's esteemed lineage as a member of the British Royal Family. Notably, the Dukedom of Fife stands as the last creation within the Peerage of the United Kingdom, excluding those bestowed upon the Sovereign's sons or consorts. Commemorating the momentous wedding of the Duke of Fife to King Edward VII's beloved daughter, a tartan was specially designed, encapsulating the shared history and vibrant spirit of this union. The tartan serves as a testament to the enduring bond between the Duke of Fife and the British Royal Family. Rooted in Scottish tradition, this tartan pays homage to Alexander Duff, the 1st Duke of Fife, who inherited a lineage of distinguished titles from his father, including Baron Braco, Earl Fife, and Viscount Macduff. The family's magnificent residences, such as Kinnaird Castle, Elsick House, and Mar Lodge, serve as reminders of their storied heritage and lasting presence.
The Duke of Fife Tartan showcases a captivating combination of green, red, and black. The deep green hues symbolize the lush landscapes and natural beauty of Scotland, while the vibrant red evokes a sense of passion, vitality, and royal lineage. The contrasting black adds a touch of elegance and strength to this extraordinary tartan, reflecting the resilience and enduring spirit of the Fife clan.
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