Drummond Tartan

Discover the rich heritage of the Drummond Tartan, a design embodying centuries of Scottish history. Originating from the Gaelic clan of Drummann, they have played a significant role in Scottish culture. During the decisive Battle of Bannockburn in 1314, they staunchly supported Robert the Bruce and the Royalist cause, displaying unwavering loyalty and bravery. The union of one of them with the royal line in 1488 led to the establishment of the Barony of them, and subsequent generations acquired prestigious titles such as Earl of Perth, Lord Madderty, and Viscount Strathallan. Despite enduring challenges during the 1715 and 1745 rebellions, they remained resolute, reclaiming their lands through the Act of Restoration in 1784. Their chief holds the esteemed title of An Drumanach Mór, meaning "The Great Man of Drymen," symbolizing their deep connection to Drymen, located west of Stirling. The name Drymen derives from the Gaelic word "dromainn," signifying "ridge or high ground." Their history intertwines with that of the Buchanans and Highland Mores, particularly during pivotal battles such as the Wars of Independence and the Battle of Bannockburn. Notably, the resourceful third Malcolm of them employed ingenious tactics, including caltrops—iron spikes used to harm horses—contributing to victory. Acquired through a strategic marriage in 1345, Stobhall became an enduring seat of the family. Embrace the remarkable tartan, an emblem of courage and ancestral pride, allowing you to reconnect with the past.
The Drummond Tartan features a captivating combination of red, green, and blue. The bold red represents the unwavering determination that has characterized the clan throughout history. Symbolizing the lush Scottish landscapes, the vibrant green pays homage to the natural beauty that surrounds their ancestral lands. The deep blue embodies the indomitable spirit and unwavering loyalty that have endured within the clan for generations.
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