Drummond Of Perth Tartan

The Drummond clan is a Scottish clan known for their loyalty to the Royalist cause, which earned them the Barony of Drummond in 1488. They also played a significant role in the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314. The clan's motto, "Gang Warily," reflects their cautious nature, and their badge features a goshawk. Over the years, the clan acquired various titles, including Earl of Perth, Lord Madderty, and Viscount Strathallan. The Strathallan branch of the family holds the chiefship of the clan. The Drummond tartan closely resembles that of the Grant tartan and was worn by the clan to meet George IV in Edinburgh in 1822. The clan's traditional origin myth narrates that their first nobleman to settle in Drymen was a Hungarian admiral named George, who accompanied Edgar Aetheling to Scotland in 1067. The first chief to appear in written records was Malcolm Beg, Chamberlain of Lennox. The Drummonds firmly supported Scottish independence and were bestowed lands in Perthshire District by King Bruce. Despite forfeiting their lands during rebellions in the 1700s, they regained them through the Act of Restoration in 1784.
The Drummond of Perth tartan, designed by weaver James Drummond in the mid-20th century, features navy blue and forest green stripes separated by thin red lines and a small grid pattern. The tartan is a popular choice among Drummond clan members and symbolizes the Scottish landscape and the clan's loyalty to the Royalist cause. Its unique design has become an enduring symbol of the clan's heritage.
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