Drummond Ancient Tartan

Explore Scottish heritage with the captivating Drummond Ancient Tartan. This exquisite tartan honours Clan Drummond, a distinguished Scottish clan with a rich history. Originating from Drymen in Stirlingshire, Clan Drummond's legacy spans centuries of triumphs and noble pursuits. Dating from mediaeval times, Clan Drummond boasts a proud lineage intertwined with stories of courage and loyalty. They stood by Robert the Bruce during the decisive Battle of Bannockburn, fighting bravely for Scotland's independence. In recognition of their unwavering support, they were awarded lands in Perthshire as a token of appreciation. Clan Drummond, with prestigious titles like Earl of Perth, Lord Madderty, and Viscount Strathallan, embodies nobility and influence. These titles showcase the clan's high standing and significant impact on Scottish society. The Drummond Ancient Tartan holds great significance for the clan, reflecting their heritage and connection to Scottish tradition. Its intricate design, reminiscent of the Grant tartan, commemorates a historic meeting with King George IV in 1822. The tartan symbolises the enduring pride of the Drummonds.
The Drummond Ancient Tartan combines captivating colours in a harmonious blend, creating an eye-catching spectacle. Its main colour is a warm and inviting red, giving the tartan a sense of vitality and energy. Four blocks with white and black stripes add elegance to the tartan, capturing the imagination of all who see it. The Drummond Ancient Tartan features captivating green, blue, and white patterns that depict squares and stripes. These intricate designs create a dynamic and vibrant tapestry of Scottish tradition. Clan Drummond proudly embraces their ancestral roots through their unique tartan, the Drummond Ancient Tartan. Its vibrant colours and intricate patterns reflect their enduring legacy, symbolising their rich cultural heritage and storied past.
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