Dempster Tartan

The Dempster tartan is associated with the Dempster clan that has its ancestral connection to Scotland. The precise story of the Dempster clan and their tartan style isn't well-documented however the theory is that they have Nordic Origin and are among the earliest immigrants to Scotland. There are also those who say that the design is derived from an earlier Huntly District tartan with colors that were chosen from the Grampian, Banff, and Buchan District tartans due to the Dempster's ties to these regions. It was designed by the hand of DC Dalgleish of Selkirk in May 1996. It was designed by D C Dalgleish of Selkirk. Dempsters Tartan was carefully designed considering its historical importance and significance. This being said, the Dempster Tartan is a favored choice for those with connections to the Dempster family, via ancestry, or cultural heritage. It's an original and well-known design that is connected to the Dempster clan from Scotland.
This tartan design is distinguished by its striking mix of green, blue and red stripes. The precise story of Dempster tartan isn't yet well-documented, however, the theory is that it was used by the Dempster family for several centuries. It is usually used in Kilts, which is an old-fashioned garment that is worn by men in Scotland. Kilts are made of an elongated piece of tartan which is pleated and then tied around the waist with the other end draped over the shoulder. The Dempster Tartan kilt can be an attractive and stylish method to showcase the heritage of one's family and is ideal for formal occasions or weddings as well as other formal occasions. Overall the Dempster Tartan can be a proud and gorgeous representation of the Dempster family and Scottish tradition. When worn in the shape of a kilt, or in other traditional dress the Dempster Tartan is an enduring and timeless style that will never go out of fashion.