Dark Hebridean Peat Tartan

Introducing the Dark Hebridean Peat Tartan – a symbol of rugged beauty and Scottish heritage. This unique and modern tartan, inspired by the untamed landscapes of the Hebridean islands, reflects a deep connection with the land and sea. Crafted using natural sources like seaweed, berries, and bark, this tartan holds a rich history, evolving from emblematic origins to a profound representation of Scottish identity. However, after the Jacobite Rising in 1746, the British Parliament enforced a ban on traditional Highlandwear, including tartans, as a means to suppress Scottish pride. It wasn't until 1782 that the ban was lifted, marking a pivotal moment in Scottish history. This event led to the widespread adoption of tartans as poignant representations of Scotland's rich history and culture. The Dark Hebridean Peat Tartan remains a steadfast favorite among those who appreciate Scotland's natural beauty and cultural significance. Symbolizing resilience and pride, this tartan invites you to embody the spirit of the Hebridean islands and carry a piece of Scottish heritage with you.
The Dark Hebridean Peat Tartan, predominantly dark brown with light brown and white stripes, captures the essence of Scotland's natural beauty. Each pattern intricately woven tells a story, embodying the spirit of the Hebridean islanders. Experience the depth of tradition and cultural significance in every swatch, as accuracy is our commitment to you.
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