Dalziel Ancient Tartan

Dive into the captivating saga of the Dalziel Ancient Tartan, an exquisite fabric woven with the threads of history and resilience. The Dalziel name, echoing in over 200 variations like Dalzeel and Diyell, carries the weight of a clan known for its daring spirit, encapsulated in the powerful motto, "I Dare." Nestled in the Lowlands, the historic House of the Binns in Linlithgow stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of this armigerous clan. As we journey through time, the Dalziel tartan unveils its intricate connections. From its use in George IV's visit in 1822 to the Barony of Dalzell in Lanarkshire, the threads of this tartan bear witness to historical events and milestones. In the Gaelic tongue, "Dal-gheail" translates to a serene 'white meadow,' adding a poetic touch to the tartan's visual narrative. The Dalziel clan, with a crest featuring a dagger paleways Azure, hilted and pommelled Or, has left an indelible mark on Scottish history. Sir Robert Dalziel's association with Mary, Queen of Scots, and the Royalist allegiance during the English Civil War and the 1715 rebellion showcase the clan's unwavering commitment. Notably, Sir Thomas Dalziel of the Binns played a pivotal role in forming The Scots Greys in 1681, adding a military chapter to the clan's storied journey. The tartan's appearance during George IV's visit and its association with Sir Thomas Dalziel create a vivid tableau of tradition and honor.
Whereas, capturing the essence of the Dalziel legacy, the tartan boasts vibrant hues of orange, intertwined with bold green and brown stripes, delicately adorned with thin white and blue lines. This stylish and elegant design, used notably for George IV's visit in 1822, mirrors the clan's resilience through the ages. The intertwined threads tell a tale of the Dalzells' Royalist allegiance in the English Civil War, their association with Mary, Queen of Scots, and the formation of The Scots Greys by Sir Thomas Dalziel of the Binns in 1681.
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