Crieff Ancient Tartan

The tartan has a rich history and was traditionally worn by Scottish clansmen as a symbol of their clan affiliation. Crieff Ancient Tartan is a traditional Scottish plaid that dates back to the 18th century. The tartan is named after the town of Crieff, located in Perthshire, Scotland, and is often associated with the Clan Drummond. which is one of Scotland's oldest clans, which has a long and fascinating history dating back to the 12th century. The Drummond clan was originally located in the central lowlands of Scotland but later moved to Perthshire. They played a significant role in Scottish history, with members of the clan serving as knights, soldiers, and even royalty.
The Crieff Ancient Tartan is a vibrant and eye-catching pattern that features a mix of red, orange, green, and brown colours. The design consists of horizontal and vertical lines of varying thicknesses, intersecting to create a unique plaid pattern. The tartan's background is predominantly brown, with thick red and orange lines cutting through it. Thin green lines add a pop of contrasting colour, providing a refreshing break from the warm tones of the other colours. The Crieff Ancient Tartan is a popular choice for kilts, scarves, and other traditional Scottish attire, thanks to its striking appearance and rich history.
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