Cranston Tartan

The Cranston Clan is one of the many ancient families of Scotland, with roots tracing back several centuries. The clan can be traced back to the lands of Galloway and Ayrshire, where they were known for their fierce loyalty and bravery. The Cranston family has a rich and storied history, and they have made significant contributions to Scotland over the years. The rich and storied history of the Cranston family is deeply rooted in Scotland's Midlothian region. It is said that the name Cranston is derived from the barony of Cranston in Midlothian and has Anglo-Saxon origins meaning "place of the crane".
The majestic bird is an integral part of the Cranston family's history, featuring prominently in both the family shield and crest. Some also believe that the name could be derived from the "tun" or "dwelling place" of Cran, Cren, or Cren, names mentioned in Saxon chronicles. The earliest recorded member of the Cranston family was Elfrick Cranstoun, who witnessed a charter signed by William the Lion to the Abbey of Holyrood in 1170. In the time of Alexander II, Thomas de Craystoun made a generous land donation in the area of Piston within East Lothian to the church. The Cranston Tartan is a beautiful and distinctive fabric that is steeped in the history and traditions of Scotland. The tartan features a stunning combination of green, blue, and red, with white and yellow accents, creating a striking and eye-catching design. The Cranston Tartan is made from 100% pure new wool, ensuring that it is both durable and comfortable to wear.