Cranston Dress Muted Tartan

Names like Cranstoun is a geographical name and comes from the barony of Cranston in Midlothian. This could be of Anglo-Saxon origin, meaning "place of the crane" The bird is featured in both the shield as well as the Crest of this family. Another theory is that it could be the "tun" or "dwelling place from Cran or Cren or Cren, both of which are mentioned as names for families from Saxon chronicles.
The first person to be recorded as a family member included Elfrick Cranstoun who was among the witnesses to a charter signed from William the Lion to the Abbey of Holyrood in 1170. In the period of Alexander II, Thomas de Craystoun donated land in the area of Piston within East Lothian to the church. The Color of Cranston Dress Muted Tartan Include Red, Green, Brown, and Blue Lines.
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